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ADMI 2016
ADMI 2016
Sep. 18, 2021

Links to Presentations


A Multiagent System for Structural Health Monitoring (PDF)
Gina Bullock

Discovering Raspberry Pi (PDF)
Bruce Chittenden

Preparing All Students for the Data-driven World (PDF)
Christo Dichev

Postal Service Development Requires ICT and Big Data (PDF)
John Trimble



Exploiting Named Entity Synonyms in Question Answering Systems (PDF)
Anietie Andy

Pilot Study Web-Based Single Sign-On: Are We Giving Up Security and Privacy for Convenience? (PDF)
Charles Scott

FaceRadar: Extending Open Source Software to Accelerate Image Processing in Digital Forensic Investigations through Face Detection (PDF)
Blaize K. Strothers

Data Science – A Software Perspective (PDF)
Swedhana Viswanathan

Clonal vs. Negative Selection in Artificial Immune Systems (AIS) (PDF)
Marcellus Williams



The WebID Protocol Enhanced with Group Access Control (PDF)
Maya Earl

UAV Attacked Through its Mission Plan (PDF)
Alexandria Garland

Services and Management System for MVSU Career Services Center (PDF)
Ifeanyi Rowland Onyenweaku

Author Identification using Random Forest and Sequential Minimal Optimization (PDF)
John Jenkins

A Corresponding Study of Water Quality Evaluation of the Pasquotank Watershed in Northeastern North Carolina with a sea level rise component (PDF)
Raveen McKenzie

Pi in the Sky (PDF)
Whitney Nelson

Validation of the Antarctic Snow Accumulation and Ice Discharge Basal Stress Boundary of the Southeastern Region of the Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica (PDF)
Ayanna Overton

A Computational Framework for Identity Based on Situation Theory and Dempster-Shafer Theory (PDF)
Yenny Dominguez

Judging Rubrics: Oral/Poster

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